Sep 18, 2015

SD 050: Lundon Boyd Pt. 1

Today's guest on the 50th episode of Still Dreamin', I interview actor/writer Lundon Boyd. We talk about his love for film, growing up in Alaska, working in Asbestos Abatement, going to Vegas for school and the beginning of working on Liars, Fires and Bears. 


Aug 17, 2015

SD 049: Mila Hursey

Today's guest is Mila Hursey, who's currently working for The Gersh Agency. We discuss growing up in Long Beach aka LBC, her love for Daria, going to Yale, what she ultimately like to do in her career and the Hollywood Club.


Aug 7, 2015

SD 048: Harris Sherman

Today's guest is Harris Sherman, a producer and Head of Production at All Def Digital. We talk about not getting into "film school", working for Russell Simmons, why hard work is essential and the best New Jersey Pizza.


Jul 27, 2015

SD 047: Rose Fadem-Johnston

Today's guest is Rose Fadem-Johnston, a cinematography graduate from AFI. We talk about developing a love for the arts, cinematography, fun family stories and being raised by two mothers,


Jun 24, 2015

SD 046: Ryan Kehoe

Today's guest is Ryan Kehoe, who's currently an animator at All Def Digital. We talk about a love for animation, changing career paths, "Moving West", animation and working as a Lyft driver.


Jun 12, 2015

SD 045: Jordan Lietz

Today's guest is Jordan Lietz, a producer. We talk about he started getting into movie making, where we met, working for BuzzFeed and why he left a career as an accountant and became a film maker.


May 18, 2015

SD 044: Alex Moran

Today's guest is producer Alex Moran. We discuss where her love of film came from, her knee surgeries, "Moran's Movies", working as an executive assistant and her current work on 'Super Zero' a short film she helped produce. Also I talk to Devon Byers about what is going on in his life and we talk about Alex.


May 13, 2015

SD 043: Lindsey Naves

Today's guest is Lindsey Naves, actress. We talk about grown up, discovering acting, being passionate about what you do and the trials and tribulations of being an actress in LA.


Apr 3, 2015

SD 042: Chris Russell

Today's guest is Chris Russell an editor. We talk about growning up in Vegas, his love for cinema, switching passions between cinematography to editing and working as an editor.


Apr 2, 2015

SD 041: Molly Bailey

Today's guest is Molly Bailey an art director from Las Vegas. We talk about growing up in Florida, coming to Vegas and switching from working in theater to working in film.


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